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sukanto Kuri
Jun 29, 2022
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Add these icons to your digital designs to ensure the best digital experience in Adobe XD A digital designer who is creating a product, such as a web page, usually tests his work several times. Before sharing the result with the end user, he needs to be sure that the browsing experience is pleasant and intuitive. To achieve this, icons are essential. Thanks to their symbols, they are able to communicate much more than with words and make the user's journey more enjoyable. José Galeano ( @josegaleano ) specializes in the design of interfaces in digital products. Uber, Asus or ROG are some of the brands for which he has Image Manipulation Service collaborated. For him, Adobe XD is the most powerful tool on the market because it allows you to create animated prototypes and visualize the visual product with a very high degree of fidelity. But the program is not everything, and when it seeks to improve its results, it chooses other types of resources such as icons. For José Galeano, fidelity and realism are two key factors in the design of digital products. Although there are many websites to find icons of all styles, José Galeano shares his favorites with you in this download. A total of 749 elements for you to include in your projects and improve the final result. At the end of the article, you will be able to download them but before that, if you want, you can review some topics related to digital design and discover other interesting resources. What is UX and UI design? You probably know the difference between UX and UI but if you don't, or just want to brush up on some details, now is a good time. These acronyms come from the anglicisms User Interface and User Experience ; therefore, UX means user experience and it is directly linked to the use that the user has with an application or service. Thus, before embarking on the design of a product, such as an application or an interface , a professional like José Galeano will ask himself these questions: How can I make the experience easy and intuitive? How can you get the user to feel that he accomplishes the tasks he sets out to do by interacting with the product?

sukanto Kuri

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